Secure payment

How to choose the payment method

Choose among the products available for purchase a product or several and add it to your shopping cart by clicking on the "Buy" button. After filling in the information for shipping and choosing the carrier, the page will be loaded with available payment methods. Here you can see the detailed description of each method including the fees that will be charged for the transfer. Registration as a customer is mandatory.


1. Bank transfer / Income in account

The client enters the money in the bank account provided, indicating his name and surname to correctly identify the order as well as the order number if known. The account number to make the deposit will be received at the time of placing the order.

Bank transfer: indicate in concept the customer name and invoice number:

- Payment in Euros:

Banco Santander: IBAN ES52 0049 3325 1070 4254

2. PayPal transfer

The client will pay for the secure payment system when purchasing it.
This payment method takes 48-72h and is totally secure. All payments made through this form of payment will be validated by PayPal and if accepted will be sent automatically and instantaneously.

It is essential to have a PayPal account activated. (see paragraph below)

Our PayPal account:

- Payment in euros:  [email protected]

Paypal payments carry a commission of 3.9% of the total amount of the invoice.

Order confirmation

As soon as your order is finished Global Key-Code S.L. will send you a confirmation message with detailed information about your order and the necessary information for payment. For this reason, please indicate your valid e-mail address.


Global Key-Code S.L. Pay close attention to keep all the confidential information that you communicate during the purchase in our virtual shop safe. Our secure server software (SSL) corresponds with all standards to ensure commercial transactions. All orders, card numbers, names and addresses are encrypted.

PayPal verification

For more information, please visit:

  • Frequently asked questions about PayPal (go to the FAQ section)

Global Key-Code S.L. is a Verified Seller in PayPal. We have successfully completed Verification procedures at PayPal and buyers can read about us before sending their PayPal payments. Security is the most important requirement for St. Helena B2B S.L., and we will do everything possible to maintain the name of a trusted store.

Registered users of PayPal can see our details in the  PayPal page a>.

Special requirements for the PayPal payment method

Note! It is NOT possible to divide the payment into parts for an order. This means that we do not accept:

  • Payments in two or more parts corresponding to a single operation
  • Portions of payments made from multiple PayPal accounts
  • Incomplete payments

Only verified members of PayPal can pay for their orders through the PayPal system. It is a mandatory requirement. The PayPal system works only with the following list of countries and payment services .

To verify your account please follow the following link:

To receive the Verified status it is necessary: ​​

  1. Confirm your email address
  2. Add your credit card to your account
  3. Link your credit / debit card to the account and confirm it.

To be Verified, log in to your PayPal account, click on the Unverified link and follow the instructions.


Global Key-Code S.L. try to do everything possible to offer competitive prices for each product of our huge web catalog. We receive payments only in US dollars and Euros.

If it is activated, you can also see all the values ​​in the national currency of your country, for that you have to click on the "Currency" menu that is on the right side of the page.

Global Key-Code S.L. You can at any time change the prices of the products in our web catalog, especially to correct possible errors in the price list.

Additional payments

The total amount of the order will include the price of the product (s) on the day of composition of the order, commission for the transfer of money according to the method of payment chosen, and the value of the transport.

To the When making the payment please pay all the commissions of the bank. Your order can be dispatched only when we receive the total value of the order.

Returns (refer to the section changes, returns and guarantees for more information)

Global Key-Code S.L. Do everything possible to leave our customers completely satisfied with their purchases in our online store, and we are available to provide you with all the information about the products you want to buy. Please keep in mind that the returns are made at the judgment of the Company's Management. If you wish to make a return, before sending us the purchased product you have to wait for written confirmation from us.

The product can be returned if it is packed in the original packaging and includes all accessories, documentation , manuals, etc. that were sent with the product. While the products are in your possession you have to keep them carefully. The return of the money for the returned product will be based on the price of the product and will not include transportation costs. This means that the buyer pays all transport costs associated with your order.

Note! Global Key-Code S.L. does not support the return of the following products:

  • Hardware or open software. You can not return the product if you broke the warranty label.
  • Products that were used in abnormal operating conditions, including instability or excess electrical power, corrosion stains, etc.  Credits and activations.